Expert navigators for the complex world of bioprocessing  

The BioProcess Institute was developed with a collaborative innovation philosophy in mind. This approach allows us to use our collective expertise and resources in the areas of industry, regulation, and science to help our clients navigate the complex world of bioprocessing.

The Institute works with companies worldwide, offering a diverse portfolio of services ranging from consulting to testing to training and development. Whether it is at our place or yours, our mission is to effectively address the high priority needs of growing and evolving biologics manufacturers. We seek to add value while continuing to meet our clients' needs. The Institute's broad client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to start-up manufacturers and their suppliers in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries.

The BioProcess Institute, founded in 2007 by James Dean Vogel, is comprised of a team of professionals with an extraordinary amount of integrity and knowledge to steer through the complex bioprocessing climate.  Our team is fortunate to have been appointed to renowned leadership positions at highly respected industry organizations, such as the ASME, the BPSA, and ISPE. This prominence allows us unprecedented access to industry knowledge, thought leaders, and emerging trends in the field.

The BioProcess Institute
is committed to remaining a world leader in bioprocess science by providing our clients with reality-based solutions which are deeply rooted in good science and practice.

We invite you to contact us to begin understanding how we will navigate the bioprocessing world for you.

“The scientist is not the person who gives the right answers.
He’s the one who asks the right questions.”

- Claude Levi-Strauss

Consulting and
Industry Navigation
  Testing and
  Training and

We provide high value consulting services primarily in the areas of Bioprocess Engineering, Operations Management, and cGMP...


We are highly experienced in Performance Testing, Analytical Testing, Product Failure Testing, and Prototype Development...


We offer expert facilitation in all areas of bioprocess science. We strive to use our training...




James D. Vogel

for winning the BioProcess International's Industry Champion Award!

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