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All of our training programs can be customized to your needs. They include the following:


Who should take this course?
This training program is ideal for new bioprocess employees in manufacturing, operations, engineering, and other technical areas.

How this course is designed?
The program is divided between classroom time and hands-on workshop time which takes place in a laboratory setting. The course is offered in 1-day or multi-day sessions and includes instruction in:

  • Introduction of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Fermentation Process Development and Scale-Up
  • Upstream and Downstream Purification and Separations
  • Tangential Flow Filtration--Principles and Applied
  • Techniques for HF and Cassettes
  • Chromatography--Techniques and Methods Development
  • Environment Compliance--A Multi-Media Analysis of Responsibilities
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for Biotechnology, Drug, and Biologics Industries

Course content has been developed by The BioProcess Institute and classes are conducted at University of Rhode Island’s Feinstein Campus in Providence, Rhode Island. Click here for directions.

(* Please see a sample of student testimonials below)

cGMPs A-to-Z and YOU!

Who should take this course?
Everyone in the biopharmaceutical industry will benefit from this course, including operators, support staff, and maintenance personnel.

How this course is designed?
This course is designed to help you understand what the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) are and why they are so important to the patients, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and YOU! Please join us for a review of the cGMPs, how they relate to work in cGMP facilities, and how you can help ensure they are met. 


Who should take these courses?
The target audience for this course is a person who already possesses a general understanding of the industry and is looking for an advanced exploration into the world of bioprocessing products.

How this course is designed?
These courses are tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Bioprocess technical topics will be covered. Other industry topics, such as Filtration and Single-Use, are available for discussion. Previous course topics have included: cGMP, BioProcessing 101, BioProcessing Upstream-Downstream, and Facility Design. Custom course design, onsite training and development as well as group discounts are available.


Who should take this course?
This course is ideal for Bioprocessing End-users, Process Engineers, and Maintenance Professionals.

How this course is designed?
This program provides a review of considerations when selecting a seal for use in biopharmaceutical processes. Different process applications will be discussed and their potential to affect seals and diaphragms. Discussion will focus on Hygienic Clamp Fittings, O-Rings, and Diaphragm Valves. Different materials and configurations will be compared, as well as their potential failure modes, to help the Engineer select the best component for the intended application. This course focuses on product training available for gaskets, filters, diaphragms, hoses, and tubing. During the program we will cover:

  • review of currently available product alternatives with discussion about pros and cons of each
  • installation procedures
  • common failure mode comparisons
  • material selection for your process

Below are some of the comments noted on anonymous post-course evaluation forms for “Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing”.

“Well structured and thought through course. The quality and presentation of the materials was excellent.”

“I really enjoyed the course and learned a great deal.”

On Instructor James Vogel

“Excellent“ right stuff, right place. Very good communicator.”
“Unmatched field experience and overall industry understanding.”
“Very good overview and insight on the business.”
“Excellent material delivery, clearly knowledgeable, tied all material together.
“Good pace and knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. Nicely balanced tangents and time management.
“Good clear, answered questions well. Very knowledgeable.

On Instructor John Rozembersky

“Clearly subject matter expert.”
“Lots of great application and industry examples. Fun guy to learn from, animated, passionate!"
“Enthusiasm is contagious.”
“Very dynamic speaker with a great presentation style.”

On Instructor Malcolm Pluskal

“(He) made a hard subject interesting.”
“Valuable and interesting!”
“Good, thorough exploration of chromatography.”


James D. Vogel

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